Why You Might Need a New Router

We all understand just how important Wi-Fi, especially given how most of the people reading this article and probably from the dial-up connection days when you could only use either the internet or the house phone at one time, leading to a lot of arguments to turn the internet off and other people telling you to stop using it so that they can get a turn as well.

While internet connection required an Ethernet cable to connect your broadband to your device, it soon took a backseat and was overthrown by the router. Now routers ensure that signals are booster far and wide, so multiple people can use multiple devices at the same time, and there is no need for cables to be used. So, you can move around and use the internet on your device as long as it is within the range of your router.

Majority of your Internet Service Providers (ISPs), especially in cases where your cable company is providing you with internet services as well, will give you a router of their own. Now there can be reasons why you probably might want to change your router and we will be discussing some of those reasons below.

  • Some routers only offered wired connectivity which can be problematic for people who prefer to stay online with multiple wireless devices as the same time.
  • You feel like your current router is not doing a good job since its wireless range is too short and fails to reach other parts of the house.
  • Your current router works too slowly.
  • You may not want to buy the router provided by your ISP and want to opt for something better.

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