Securing Your Phone Against Theft

If you stop to really think about it, your smartphone is worth way more than what it costs to buy it; you could have an older model that’s not very expensive to buy or sell anymore but what makes it worth so much is the fact that it has so much of your personal information stored on it. Every message you’ve sent or received and every photo stored on your phone can be very sensitive information that can have devastating consequences if stolen. Here are a few things you can do to keep your phone against theft and loss.

Be Mindful

Whenever you go out, you should keep your phone on your person in such a way that you can always feel where it is. In public areas, there are people who are lurking around trying to figure out where you keep your phone so they can swipe it off of you, which is why you have to be alert.

Back Up Your Data

In case your phone is every lost, you’ll have to erase your data to keep it safe. This data is important to you and erasing it will also mean that you’ll lose it for good if you don’t back it up while you still can. Make sure that your messages and contacts are all in sync with Google beforehand.

Be Prepared to Erase Data

If you ever lose your phone, you should be ready to factory rest it from your computer. You can do this through Google by entering your details where required. However, if you forget these details, you’ll have to resort to FRP bypass APK download so that you can bypass the need to enter your details. You can learn more about FRP bypass APK download here at

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