Safe Nails With LED Nail Lamp

Have you ever had to place your hand in the nail lamp for more than a minute? If yes then that salon must be using a UV nail lamp which is considered to be an old technology now because it has drawbacks.

We would suggest that you should always go for LED nail lamp because a UV nail lamp exposes your skin to UV rays for a much longer time which is harmful. Basically this blog post explains that LED nail lamps are a better choice than UV nail lamp. The only good thing that we can say about UV nail lamp is that it hardens all kinds of gel nail polish.

Why LED Nail Lamp?

People find it hard to deviate from change so if you have been getting your nails hardened by a UV lamp lamp from a particular salon then it is possible that you would not want to switch to another salon just for a LED nail lamp but we are going to explain why you should make the switch immediately. LED nail lamp is an advanced and better version than the other lamp, it takes around 4-45 seconds to harden the nail polish which directly means less exposure time to UV lights which makes it much safer than the other nail lamp. If you are thinking about getting a LED nail lamp for your house so that you can do a manicure yourself then we congratulate you on your choice because it will definitely turn out to be an investment. You might find the cost to be a bit much but remember that you would never have to change the bulbs of the machine, your nails and skin would be safer with it and it will not use up much of your time.

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