Oil Tank Spill: What’s Going to Happen Next

A lot of people living in New Jersey area are completely unaware of the fact that they might be living near an oil tank in their property. It might sound absurd to us now but underground oil tanks were not only a part of the norm, it was also hailed as a smart decision as well. Of course as time passed by people moved from oil to gas as a source of fuel and soon everyone forgot about the oil tanks in their property.

However, if you have an underground oil tank in your property or you are unsure, it is recommended that you call in your Garden State oil tank removal services and have them inspect your property. The reason why you need to opt for an oil tank removal is because there is the possibility of it leaking and damaging your property, the environment and then your health. When the oil tank removal company is done finding and cleaning your oil tank, they will then inspect it for any leaks, corrosions and spills. In case they do happen to find it, they will have to file a case at the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) who will then send in people to come and take soil and water samples to check for contamination.

Then depending on the outcome of the sample results, they will then send in experts to contain and then deal with the contamination. This entire process can take weeks and stretch out to months depending on the severity and extent of the contamination. Once the samples finally come out clear, there will be a No Further Action letter given to you which will serve as proof that the entire situation has now been handled and that your property is now contamination free and does not pose a risk to the environment.

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