Exercising For a Better You

Body inclusivity and positivity is a challenge we are slowly beginning to overcome. It is taking a lot of time but more and more people are now beginning to understand it’s important. The number one thing majority of people would like to change about themselves is their body which isn’t surprising given how all sorts of media is plastered with an impossible body ideal which we are all expected to meet. The inability or the struggle to meet the ideal results in eating disorders, body-image issues etc.

Now brands are beginning to include plus sized models, magazines are being told to mention when imagines are photoshopped and so on. So, we will all slowly realize that the entire concept of the ideal body is useless and that skinny doesn’t automatically equate to healthy. So, regardless of whether you are plus sized, normal weight or petite, you shouldn’t overlook the importance and need of regular exercise.

Exercise of any kind is important for both your physical as well as your mental health. Regular exercise reduces the risk of early heart disease, and is good for people who are at risk of diabetes and other diseases. Exercise also releases endorphins which will help give your mood a better boost and promote healthy emotional functioning. Exercise can also become a great way to relieve stress as well, preventing the stress from building up and leading to other problems.

Of course exercise doesn’t necessarily mean going to the gym regularly, there are different kinds of exercise that can complement you, your body type and your needs better. So, you can opt for Zumba, running, strength training, Pilates etc. to see what works better for you. There are a number of places that offer pilates Buckhead, so you can sign up for a free class today and check it out.

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