Are You Choosing Between IcyHot Smart Relief And Aleve Direct Therapy?

TENS therapy is getting pretty common nowadays, I can say. Not only that, but now with the release of these devices commercially, in the hand of the common people, more and more people are going for them. This is because buying them is only a onetime expense, and it is very cheap anyway. Paying for physiotherapy can be very taxing, again and again. These devices are selling for less than one session and can be used repeatedly, so why not? However, there are these two top devices that you might find yourself in a dilemma between:

Aleve Direct

The Aleve Direct device is a lot of people’s famous choice. It is under 35 bucks and is very user friendly. It is wireless with a very low weight, and has very easily available batteries for its operating system. It comes with 15 intensity levels to choose from, but remains very silent and discrete, due to no noise and its very small dimensions. It can even be worn under clothes and you can continue to do any activities while it’s at work.

IcyHot Smart Relief

The Icyhot smart relief is a little pricier than the previous one. The batteries are also a little more uncommon and not rechargeable, and it is not wireless so you have no remote control. As for the intensities, it comes with up to 63 levels of intensities, which is why it is used to treat back pain and even chronic back pain. However, if you go for longer periods of time with a high intensity, then the battery can wear out quickly and the device would need recharging. Both of these devices are great, so with all this information, I hope you would make the best informed decision for your needs.

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