Are We Over-Exfoliating Our Skin? Why the Redness Won’t Go Away

The search for fresh, dewy, youthful skin sometimes seems to be never-ending. Serums and masks can be helpful in this endeavor, but some people take it to the extreme with harsh techniques that can leave the skin looking more red than radiant.

One of these techniques—exfoliation—isn’t inherently bad; in fact, it’s necessary for healthy skin. Many people are over-exfoliating their skin, however, and don’t necessarily get the results they’re looking for.

Why People Over-Exfoliate

There are several reasons men and women how to treat over exfoliated skin; very often, it’s because they don’t know any better and have never had guidance from a professional esthetician. They may think that the more they exfoliate, the fresher and smoother their skin will be, or that they’ll be able to get rid of certain skin conditions like dark spots.

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