A Company That Gives Back

These days we keep coming across accounts of different brands and companies from multiple sectors being involved in some form of exploitation and unethical practices. We have heard of sweat shops, being prevented the right to a labor union, putting worker safety as risk and having no corporate social responsibility (CSR) project underway in years. It seems as though companies are only interested in earning profits now. This is where we as consumers have the power to make a change.

When we stop buying from and supporting organizations and companies like them, they begin to lose their power. This sends a message to other companies and it helps bring some light onto companies that actually have better initiatives and projects underway. Eva mattress is one such example. Eva mattress is an Australia based company that sells mattresses. Now for every ten Eva mattresses that are sold, they give one Eva mattress to a homeless shelter in return. This initiative is a long-term initiative and has been a part of their policy for years, making them a company that quite literally, gives back to the company, especially the homeless community, which we know have been stigmatized for the longest time. Eva mattress also gives its customer a 120 day trial for their mattress.

So, the customer can keep and use the mattress and if they feel it is not for them, the company will come and take the mattress without any cost and refund you your money back as well. If you are curious and want to learn more about Eva mattress, their mission statement and about their mattresses, you can simply visit their official website at https://evamattress.com.au/pages/our-story and give a proper read through before deciding whether or not you want to support their view.

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