Getting That Worn Denim Look

Denim clothes are really popular amongst all age groups, it is common in almost every clothing category and for good reason; denim clothes are versatile, sturdy and comfortable to wear. Denim was originally created to be worn by factory workers, this cotton based fabric can take a lot of wear and tear, and one of the best things about is that the more beating it takes, the cooler it looks. You can find a lot of denim clothes with a faded and distressed look, this is especially common in jeans.

The rebellious look that a distressed pair of jeans provides can look pretty good, if you want, then you can bring that look in almost any denim clothing that you have, all you have to do is speed up the wear and tear process in the places where you want a frayed look. Ripping or fraying your jeans is really easy, all you need it something like a disposable razor, a piece of wood or thick cardboard to provide support and a pair of jeans. The first thing that you should do is picture where you want your jeans to be ripped from, ripped knees and thighs often look great, you can also get a ragged look on your front or back pockets as well, it is all about ruining your jeans in an artful manner.

Once you have chosen a spot, place the piece of cardboard or wood under the chosen spot in a way that the cloth becomes kink free, now take your razor and start running it over the cloth, similar to how you would use the razor to shave yourself. Fluffs of fabric will come off with every stroke, make sure to keep on pushing them out of the way so that your razor does not get clogged. Now all you have to do is keep on stroking the desired spot until you get the desired amount of raggedness, keep in mind that after a wash or two the distressed area will become even more frayed and worn-out.

Now that you know how to how to distress jeans with a razor you can apply this method to any denim item that you have, over time the distressed area’s look blends in quite nicely with the rest of the fabric, resulting in a natural and aesthetic look. You can also use this method to completely rip your jeans open, for a ripped look, just keep on running the razor over the cloth till it completely gives away, or if you want to hurry then you can try slicing the cloth with the razor. However, this will not provide you with as much control and might even result in your jeans being ruined.

Also, keep in mind that you should not distress low quality jeans, low quality denim does not have the same kind of strength and distressing it can lead to the cloth completely being ruined, shortening your denim clothing’s wearable lifespan.

Damaged Your Favourite Lipstick?

Lipstick is an essential makeup item for every woman, even for the ones who do not use make up at all, these waxy colour applicants are made of a variety of ingredients that are responsible for their texture and their colours. Since lipstick is so important for almost every woman out there, there are always a bunch of them present in a woman’s purse, one of the best things about lipstick is just how handy and easy to use they can be. Lipstick is wonderful and you should always have it on your person, ready for application, but it can also be really fragile and can easily become damaged if you are not careful.

Since lipstick is so waxy and soft, even the slightest mishandling can damage the stick’s shape which can result in application becoming uneven and difficult, it can also melt really easily, in fact many women have to deal with the sadness of finding out that they can no longer use their favourite lipstick because of the fact that it has been reduced to a gooey mess. If you have experienced this in the past then you will know what it feels like, but fortunately a melted lipstick does not necessarily translate to a wasted lipstick.

There are several ways in which you can repair your lipstick or re-solidify it, if your lipstick has broken in two or has been crushed then you can try to reshape it by first heating it for a bit and then setting the pieces back in place. Once you have everything in its original position then wait for the lipstick to cool down and become stable once again. If due to some bizarre reason your lipstick has been completely crushed then the only chance that you have at saving it is to melt it, pour it into some container and then use it from there.

If you are looking for ways on how to fix melted lipstick then you have three options; freeze the lipstick, put it into a different container and let it set or either buy a new one. If your melted lipstick is still inside of its original container then keep it closed and place it in the freezer, this way you will be able to save your lipstick and keep its shape intact as well. However, if this is no longer possible then you can try pouring it into another container for use. You can always buy a new lipstick as well, there are so many lipsticks out there that you are definitely going to find the same colour again, especially if you bought your lipstick from a large brand.

A lipstick can serve you for a really long time if you take care of it, always keep it secure with its cap shut and never leave it in hot places, such as inside of your car in the summer for a long time, take care of your lipstick and it will take care of your lips.

Fun Crafts to Bring Out That Festive Holiday Atmosphere

Thanksgiving is an iconic holiday that marks the beginning of the festive season, and just like with every other major date, thanksgiving has a number of iconic symbols that people have been associating with it for a really long time now. Pilgrim hats, also known as traveller’s hats or cockle hats are an integral part of thanksgiving history, these hats have a pretty unique look to them and are still worn by some in order to celebrate the spirit of thanksgiving. If you are planning on having a thanksgiving party or you simply want to amplify the holiday vibe then you can make these hats on your own.

Pilgrim hats are quite easy to make, there are several guides on the internet that will provide you with step by step instructions on how to make pilgrim hats, but the most common and simplest method is the one that involves using thick cardboard paper or heavy sock paper. To make pilgrim hats out of these two types of paper, all you will need is some glue, bindings, a hole punch, some ribbons, and a ruler for taking measurements.

Once you have everything ready, you can begin by tracing lines on the paper to indicate where you are going to make the cuts and folds. Make a horizontal line to indicate where you are going to fold the paper to make the frontal cuff of the hat, on the other side of the paper, make two parallel vertical lines of about 3 inches long, these will help you get the upturned scallop like brim shape that was used to symbolize that the wearer of the hat is travelling.

Now that you have drawn all your guidelines, take the hole punch and use it to make two holes on either side of the line cuff line, now fold the paper across the dotted line and run a ribbon through the holes that you punched. Use the vertical lines to figure out where to fold the back of the hat from to create the upturned back of the hat, to hold everything in place, apply glue dots along the folds and your hat should now be ready for use.

You can add more details to these hats by drawing patterns on them or by using multicolored ribbons, paper pilgrim hats can be hung from your ceiling, placed on shelves or can even be worn. They can look especially wonderful when worn by children, couple them with the male version of the pilgrim hat (which is also pretty easy to make) and you can have a superb thanksgiving party.

Thanksgiving crafts are one of the most fun thing about thanksgiving for many, adorning your home with self-made decorations really helps one get in touch with the festive season and also helps spread the feeling of joy to others around them. Start planning your decorations so that when the times come everything is ready and set to go.